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Thank you Pastor Michael McBride, the PICO National Network and the Live Free Campaign.

 Pastor Michael McBride

Pastor Michael McBride

We are excited to partner with Robert Johnson and the Unleash 2017 initiative. As one of my mentors say, “Nothing stops a bullet like a job” . . .

"We are convinced that crime and lethal violence are an outgrowth of hopelessness and lack of opportunity. By partnering with the business community and wealth building institutions, we believe the genius of our young people does not have to be locked in a cycle of surviving predatory environments. But with structure, mentorship, partnership and opportunity, we can Unleash the next wave of urban entrepreneurs of color in cities across the country. The Live Free Campaign is proud to be a founding partner of this initiative and invites influencers, investors, institutions and innovators to join our efforts in Chicago and every city thereafter as we rebuild our communities block by block." Rev. Michael McBride

About Live Free

The Live Free Campaign of the PICO National Network is a peacemaking and liberation movement led by thousands of faith leaders and congregations who are committed to ending the mass criminalization and violence experienced by black and brown and poor communities in the USA. By using our Bodies, our Ballots and our Bucks, we believe we can create just, peaceful and opportunity rich communities where our families can thrive. 

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